Helen & Paul

I was lucky to be a second for Michael Cooper of  red apple photos, for the wedding of Paul & Helen.  The weather was fantastic.

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Thanks for letting take your picture with your naughty horse

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We love coming here, Blackpool is now our second fave seaside resort!

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Test post

Amara from Sensation Beauty wanted some portfolio photos for her  Make up website Sensational Beauty

Using the 85mm gave some good potraits, I am truthfully having a tough time with this lense, you have work it hard and it will eventually payoff with some stellar images. you then begin to realise the potential of this lense.

I went against the grain and did these ‘studio’ portraits with a shallow depth of field.  This allowed the tea lights in the background to simply dissolve in the bokeh.

Two canon speedlights in umbrellas did the lighting. The right hand one was used with a silver reflective and the left one was with a plain shoot through.  The flash power was reduced to 1/4 due to the wide open apetures used.

Trentham Gardens

This is a great place to chill out!

I received a name-badge and I was shown to the waiting room

Missing Person Band

Missing Person Band

I wont forget this in a long time, I love photographing bands and were no exception. They were best friends to each other and to me, They knew their poses and the image they wanted to present. Most of the shoot was done at Laura’s parents house, the garden was just right in terms of its lush greenery and expanse.  They topped off the evening by going to Handley Barn near Lyme park with Ben’s pristine yellow Escort MkI for a final group shoot.

Thankyou for giving me the time and making me feel welcome.

There’s a lot of work going on under the hood to make all that possible

Karl & Jody

Wedding at Ivinghoe & pitstone Farm Museum

This was an amazing wedding Starting off at Karl and Jody’s nice 16th Century house in Ivinghoe and ending up at Pitsone Farm Museum for a memorable barn wedding, complete with a barn dance!  I have known Karl for years, I met Jody for the first time, but it was like I had known her for ages.  Their warmth and kindness was radiant throughout the day.  The barn at Pitstone was eyecatching for its detail and the dedication of the voluntary staff at the museum made things run smoothly.  They had made sure that I would enjoy the day too and I did, thank you!

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Ben & Sinead

Rochdale wedding

I was second shooting with Mike Cooper again, I had to cover the Grooms side for the preparation.  It was great, the rain did not stop play, and everyone had a great time.  Details like the green beetle and the colour theme throughout the wedding was present in every decoration, it made great pictures.  Thankyou for making us so welcome on your Wedding day.

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